It’s already pretty well-known that exercise is a pretty important part of staying healthy, no matter what the age. Exercising specifically in the morning, though, can provide some additional benefits.

Setting that time aside first thing in the morning means you’ll be able to start off your day already being productive. The benefits of exercise will stay with you throughout your day. You’ll be more focused, have a more positive outlook, and will be more energized than if you wait until later on in the day.

When you decide that you want to start off your day exercising, there is also a higher possibility that it will actually happen. While you might always have the intention of working out, life gets busy and exhausting. After a day full of activity, you might end up deciding to postpone your workout until the next day. Avoid constantly pushing your workouts by getting them done at the very beginning of the day. You’ll start off your day feeling productive and energized.

It is also very likely that your sleep will improve when you start exercising in the mornings instead of in the evenings. Since you’ll start off the day with that extra boost of energy that comes after a workout, you’ll be able to use that energy throughout the day instead of getting it right before going to bed. This means you’ll start off the day with more energy, let it naturally decrease throughout the day, and eventually create a great pattern for yourself.

These are just a few reasons it can be helpful to exercise in the morning. If possible, make it a part of your daily routine. If you are in a senior community that offers physical fitness classes, it might help to join an early morning one. If exercising in the morning isn’t really an option for you for whatever reason, at least trying exercising earlier than you currently do.