Having close relationships with people of different ages is really beneficial for each person in that relationship. Every generation has something to provide, no matter how old or young, so you’ll always be able to learn from someone of a different age.

Seniors have lived through a lot and have life experience that they can share with people who are younger than they are. They also have knowledge about so many different topics. There’s a lot you can learn from someone who is older. They might also be entertaining to be around and might even provide some fun stories about what life was like when they were growing up.

Additionally, children and teenagers benefit from having strong relationships with older adults. Children who have a special bond with their grandparents are less likely to use drugs or alcohol or skip school. They also usually have a better self-esteem, better social skills, and often perform better in school. They  are even less likely to deal with any depression-like symptoms.

Adults who are in the middle of their lives are often able bodied. Even if they’re not, they are able to provide emotional support both to their parents and their children. It’s also likely that they’re working full-time, so they might even be able to provide at least a little bit of extra financial support where needed.

Young children provide joy and love to the people around them. Having a child around who is full of energy and life can brighten the day of an older adult.

Being around young children can be specifically beneficial to seniors because it provides similar joys to parenting without the same pressure. Being a grandparent can often feel like a second chance. Seniors who spend good quality time with their grandkids deal less with depression and have higher physical health and life satisfaction.

Again, this means that every generation can benefit from another. This is one reason it’s important to stay in touch with family and friends. If you haven’t spent any time with your family lately, make sure to do so soon.