When we were young, it was pretty easy to make friends. We talked to the other kids at school, invited our neighbors over to play, and generally knew other kids wanted friends as much as we did. As an adult, making friends might be a little more difficult, but it is still possible.

Having a few close friends is important for a few different reasons. According to the Australian Longitudinal Study of Ageing, having close friendships can increase life expectancy by up to 22 percent. Hopefully, with those close friendships, that longer life is also more enjoyable.

The Mayo Clinic also mentions a few other ways in which close friendships can help improve our health. Having a few close friendships can provide an increased sense of belonging and purpose. This can in turn lower the possibility of depression-like symptoms. Having friends actually improves our mood and satisfaction in life. By having a chance to spend time together, our moods can be improved.

Friendships are also a great way to improve self-confidence and self-worth. Friends want the best for you and often bring your best qualities out of you. When you’re surrounded by close friends, you most likely feel really happy and at ease. Friends are people that accept you and see you through some of your worst times. By knowing there are people out there that choose to be in your life despite your flaws, you also see yourself as a person who is worthy of love and kindness.

Lastly, friendships can often help us improve our lifestyles. Because we care about the people around us or because they push us to be better, we might make decisions we otherwise wouldn’t. Friends might even decide together to stop drinking, eat healthier, and exercise more often. With a friend as an accountability partner, these lifestyle changes are more likely to stick.

When it comes to life after retirement, a lot of people end up feeling isolated and lonely. If they were married, their spouse might have passed away or might still be working. Their children might live too far away to visit regularly. Friends might be far away as well or might no longer be able to drive.

Within a community, it is possible to make new friends and form bonds with other seniors who have similar interests. At our community we are able to provide a variety of activities for our residents. This is a great way for them to socialize and to form new friendships.

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