There can be a lot of benefits to owning a pet, no matter what the age. When seniors are trying to pick out a pet, it’s important to make sure that pet is compatible to the senior’s lifestyle and energy level. Here are a few things to think about when picking out a pet for a senior.

Seniors who are less active or not as physically capable anymore of being active will want a pet that doesn’t need to be walked every day or at all. Cats tend to be pretty independent while still enjoying cuddling and keeping their owner company.

If your loved one is a dog person, though, it’s still possible to make this happen without as much need for physical activity. Consider getting an older dog who is less active or one that doesn’t need as much physical activity.

It’s also important to take the budget of your loved one into consideration. Some pets will cost more than others, so make sure to figure out how much can be spent on a pet before picking one out.

While cats and dogs tend to be the obvious options when it comes to pets, there are other possibilities. Fish and birds can be really low-maintenance and less expensive as well. These types of pets don’t need to be walked or played with, but in a way they still provide the owner with a sense of purpose and responsibility.

The same can be said about rabbits, although in this case the owner can still cuddle with the pet and should occasionally let the pet move around a larger space. The rabbit’s hutch should be cleaned regularly just as a fish tank or bird cage should be. Lastly, rabbits, fish, and birds usually take up less room, especially since they don’t really move around outside their personal living space. This can be beneficial if the senior is living in a smaller space.

If you’re interested in getting a pet for a senior who is in an independent living or assisted living community, make sure you find out what the rules or regulations are before picking out a pet. Also make sure your loved one is truly interested in a new pet. A pet should always be in a home where he or she can receive love.