Gardening in your golden years

As Mary Poppins said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Many seniors know the joy of planting, tending, and benefiting from the literal fruit, flowers, and vegetables in a garden.

Aging doesn’t have to diminish the benefits of enjoying the outdoor as a gardener.

There are a few tips and tricks to make gardening in your golden years a success:

  1. Kneeler Stools – Kneeler stools provide extra padding to support the knee joints. Hand grips make it easier to raise and lower yourself. When kneeling, do your best to keep at least one heel flat on the ground to protect your ligaments.
  2. Proper Pruning Position – Hold your wrist in a neutral or straight position while pruning plants to keep from putting undue stress on your joints. Also use quality pruning shears to make pruning quick and easy.
  3. Raised Beds – Waist-high raised garden beds can eliminate bending for planting and pruning, saving gardeners back stress and making it easier to maintain a garden.
  4. Vertical Gardening – Many vegetables, melons, and beans can grow well on a trellis. Harvesting is much easier when the produce is at hand.

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