We often hear that there are a lot of benefits to exercising, but a lot of times it can be difficult to find the motivation to do it or to know which exercises are the best ones. It’s important, though, to keep up a fitness routine through the aging process. There might be a need for adjustment over time, but exercising regularly will provide so many benefits. Regular exercise is a great way to improve the mood, gain more energy, have a better outlook, and overall stay healthy and avoid illnesses.

Here within our own senior community, we offer various physical fitness classes and activities. We take into consideration that each resident has different needs and capabilities. There is a difference between how capable those in assisted living are from those in independent living, for example, and we keep this sort of thing in mind. We also provide a variety of options so that there is hopefully something available that will interest every resident.

Strength exercises are very helpful to the bones and muscles. They prevent that feeling of weakness that often seems to come with age and these exercises might even improve balance. You can work up from your current ability with these kinds of exercises as well, and it’ll be pretty easy to notice improvements over time.

It’s also important to work on flexibility to avoid injuries and to improve joint health. It is a common thought that with age you will become weaker and not be able to move as easily. That does not necessarily need to be the case. When you work on your flexibility you’ll also be working on improving your joint health and your ability to move in general.

Lastly exercises that work the cardiovascular system are also important. These include things such as light aerobic exercises, swimming, bicycling, and gardening. As you can see, there is no need to create a very intense regimen. As long as there is a routine, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Some ways to stay motivated would include joining a class, exercising with a friend, or going to physical therapy. This way there is someone you are accountable to. This will help in sticking to a routine. Also, especially in classes and in physical therapy, there is someone there to direct and instruct you through the exercises. This way you know you are doing things correctly and that you should be seeing results soon.

When you don’t feel like you’re improving or you begin to wonder what the point is of staying active, remind yourself of all the wonderful benefits that come from staying active.